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Tokyo is the largest city in Japan, the capital of Japan, and is also the most populous metropolitan area in the world. Technically Tokyo is not a city and is officially known as a metropolitan prefecture. There are 23 special wards of Tokyo which are each governed as an individual city.

Tokyo is a city full of wealth and culture. Tokyo has 51 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, the most among any city. It also rated the #1 city in the world for shopping, public transportation, and nightlife. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with millions of tourists flocking to the city each year.

If one thing about Tokyo is certain, it is that it is a hot source for nightlife. Tokyo has some of the best clubs in the world, which offer unique and incredible experiences. If you’re in Tokyo, you’ll want to visit the nightlife, regardless if you’re there for business or pleasure.

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Nightlife in Tokyo

WOMB: WOMB is a massive, four story club in the heart of Tokyo. Home to some of the best music in Tokyo, WOMB attracts world class DJs on a weekly basis that play a blend of EDM, hip hop, and your typical club music. Each floor has its’ own DJ and own vibe, so you’ll be able to move freely to decide which floor of the club is best for you.

The club itself is massive and there are several lounging areas if you get tired or want to take a break. There are also some VIP tables on each floor so if you’re looking for a more luxurious night out, then WOMB can accommodate you as well.

What really separates WOMB from other clubs in Tokyo is the sound quality. WOMB has arguably the best acoustics in all of Tokyo, which is why it is often considered to be the best club in Tokyo.

The only real downside to WOMB is that it’s expensive to get in. Still, the experience of WOMB is more than worth the expensive cover charge and if you’re really in the mood to rage and party all night long, then WOMB is probably the best spot in Tokyo.

Feria: If you’re looking for more of an international club, then Feria is probably your best destination. Feria attracts a large percentage of tourists and expats and all of the staff know English, so many tourists flock to the club solely for the convenience.

Inside the club, you’ll find the space is massive, much like WOMB. There are four floors in the club, with the basement level/1st floor being the most popular. Here you’ll find the club is really bumping and you’ll get the typical club experience here.

If you venture up to the second or third floor, you might find hip hop or jazz music. The fourth floor is solely a lounge and it’s a great place to relax and order some drinks or relax if you want a break from dancing all night long.

Feria is a solid alternative to WOMB, especially if you’re an international visitor looking for a place you can be comfortable at while you party. The club is full of energy and it is always a good time to party and rage. If you like affordable drinks and great music, then you will love Feria.

New York Bar: If you aren’t in the mood to rage and party all night and want a more intimate, warm bar to go to, then you should consider the New York Bar. Located in the Park Hyatt, New York Bar offers world-class cocktails and a simply amazing view of the Tokyo skyline.

The New York Bar definitely screams classy and inside the bar is stylish and warm. The drink prices are fairly pricey and you may have to pay a steep cover charge if you aren’t staying at the hotel. However, the drink quality and spectacular view more than make up for the price.

The atmosphere is certainly warm and intimate, so New York Bar is a great place to take a date or someone special. If you’re not into clubbing and want a true cozy and romantic experience in Tokyo, then New York Bar is definitely a bar to consider.