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Osaka is Japan’s third largest city next to Tokyo and second largest if you consider the entire metropolitan area. Long considered to be Japan’s economic center, Osaka is the 19th largest economy in the world and it plays an important role in global trade and commerce.

The city boasts some of Japan’s best restaurants, shopping districts, and nightlife venues. Osaka has some of the most world-renowned restaurants in all of Japan and some food critics claim Osaka should be the food capital of the world.

As a result, Osaka is a popular destination for both Japanese and international tourists alike. The city’s wide appeal brings in a diverse crowd and people looking for an exciting, unique travel destination should definitely put Osaka on their list.

Escorts Osaka

If you’re in Osaka and are looking for some company while you’re in the city, you should consider hiring one of the city’s many escorts. Several escort companies in Osaka can connect you with a beautiful escort in Osaka, depending on your personal desires.

You and your escort can spend your time dining, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company together in Osaka. Your escort will do her best to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and she will do her best to make your time together a positive, fun experience.

If you need some companionship in Osaka, then hiring an escort in Osaka makes a lot of sense. Osaka is a large city and it can be tough to meet someone to spend time with. Hiring an Osaka escort is a simple way to make sure you spend time with someone who wants you to be happy and someone who wants you to have a good time in Osaka.

Nightlife in Osaka

Murphy’s Irish Pub: Murphy’s Irish Pub was the first Irish pub to open in Japan and it is widely considered to be the best Irish style pub in all of Japan. Inside the large pub are two rooms, one for smoking and one that is non-smoking. The décor encompasses traditional Irish style and the atmosphere blends the Japanese culture with the western world.

Like most Irish pubs, Murphy’s is the place to go for live music with a wide range of local music acts throughout the week. In addition to live music, there are several TVs throughout the pub, which is why Murphy’s attracts a large crowd to watch football games, both foreign and Japanese.

The overall environment is your typical Irish pub environment. Everyone seems to be friendly, relaxed, and enjoying traditional Irish drinks and beers. If you’re into bar games, consider going to the game room with pool tables and real darts. Otherwise, enjoy the awesome music, cheap drinks, and awesome environment. Both tourists and locals love Murphy’s, so it should be a must go if you visit Osaka.

Space Station: Space Station is one of the many unique nightlife spots in Osaka. Space Station is a video game bar with a wide collection of video games as well as a fully stocked bar.

Although video game bars have only recently begun to become popular in Western countries, Space Station has been around for several years now. It’s one of the more popular bars in Osaka and it’s definitely carved out its’ own niche in that it separates itself from the other bars in Osaka.

There’s not much else to say about Space Station. If you like drinking and like video games, then you’ll love Space Station.

Ammona Infinity Space: Looking for a high-energy nightlife venue to go for the night? Consider the Ammona Infinity Space. This ultra-high energy nightclub is large, bright, and full of locals and international tourists looking to rage.

Ammona plays your typical club music – top 40 hits, edm, and house as well as some classic hits as well. The bar is full stocked although the sheer amount of people can make it difficult to get drinks late at night. Many people recommend getting a buzz on before you get to Ammona or to get there a bit early if you still want to drink there.

Overall, Ammona is one of the better clubs in Osaka. The DJs play some of the best club music, the club is full of energy, and there’s a nice diverse crowd. If you want to party and rage in Osaka, then Ammona is a solid choice.

Beer Belly: Beer Belly was created when a Japanese entrepreneur decided to start brewing his own beer after disliking the traditional Japanese beers that were served. Beer Belly was opened in 1997 and has since taken off as one of the best beer bars in all of Osaka.

There are actually three locations in Osaka, depending on which type of food you desire. However, if you are just going for the beer, then it really doesn’t matter which location you head to.

Beer Belly itself sells a variety of craft beers and you can get anything from an imperial stout to a double IPA. The options are really endless and you can also match your beer with some traditional pub food if you’re feeling hungry as well. Beer Belly is really all about the food and it excels at providing Osaka with a true craft beer bar.