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Yokohama is Japan’s second largest city, only behind Tokyo in terms of population. Yokohama is one of Japan’s most important port cities along with Osaka and Tokyo. In fact, shipping is primarily Yokohama’s largest industry along with biotechnology. Nissan also just moved its’ headquarters to Yokohama as well, which has helped push the city even further into a modern economy.

As with many cities in Japan, Yokohama has no shortage of things to do. There are a variety of shopping centers and historical sites to visit in the city. The city also has a variety of futuristic attractions, which only adds to the lively nightlife and tourist attractions in the city.

Escorts Yokohama

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Hiring an escort in Yokohama makes perfect sense if you’re in need of some company in the city. If you’re feeling lonely or just visiting Yokohama and need some companionship, then you should hire an escort. You’ll have an enjoyable, memorable experience and you’ll spend time with someone who truly wants you to have a good time.

Nightlife in Yokohama

Antenna America: Antenna America reminds you of your typical American pub and immediately upon entering the bar you’ll find it embodies everything great about an American-style bar. There are dozens of draft and bottled beers from America, several of which are breweries from San Diego, given that the two cities are sister cities.

The inside of the bar is very casual in nature and the majority of patrons are international guests, although locals do frequent the bar to taste American beer. In addition to the American beer, you’ll also find a large selection of American style foods as well. Fish tacos and chicken wings are big sellers although there are a number of other food items to choose from.

When the weather permits, the outdoor balcony is a great place to enjoy some fresh air, drink some beer, and enjoy some food. If you love microbrews and want a more “American” experience in Yokohama, then Antenna America is the best place for you to go. You’ll be able to take beer with you too if you so please as well.

Sky Lounge Sirius: There are few places in Japan with a view as good as the view at Sky Lounge Sirius. Located in the 70th floor, Sky Lounge Sirius offers a stunning view of the entire city of Yokohama, which is particularly beautiful at night.

Inside the bar, you’ll find the lounge is cozy and quaint. There’s a large international presence at Sky Lounge, although locals do go from time to time. Despite the club’s view and stylish appeal, drink prices are not terribly expensive. You may be able to spend less than 5,000 Yen in a night, which isn’t bad considering the high class feeling and high quality cocktails.

Overall, you’d think Sky Lounge Sirius would be for the wealthy, pretentious crowd, but the bar is actually the opposite. The view is absolutely amazing and makes the trip to the lounge worth it even if you don’t drink. However, if you want somewhere to relax, drink a few nice cocktails, and want a more intimate experience, then Sky Lounge Sirius is a solid choice.

The Tavern: As with many of the bars in Yokohama, The Tavern is an international-style bar located directly below a McDonald’s in downtown Yokohama. The Tavern is a British style pub, and the food and menu certainly would make you believe you’re in England.

Although the bar is small, it can accommodate a fair amount of people. The bar is dimly light and there are several small tables around the bar If you’re looking for a warm and cozy spot to go spend time with someone.

The bar has predominately English beer, but there are some other international beers on tap as well. The selection of scotch and whiskey is one of the best in all of Yokohama and The Tavern is one of the best places in Yokohama to go watch a soccer game.

Overall, the environment is pretty relaxed, although it can get rowdy from time to time, especially during soccer matches. The international presence is huge as you could expect and English and American tourists/visitors make up most of the crowd.